Organic Pure Persian Saffron


Dear Sir/Madam

We are the most reliable Saffron supplier from IRAN. It’s our pleasure to start a long lasting Business cooperation with your steamed company.

We are committed to supply in your ordered quality and quantity. With standards and high tech laboratory certificates.

We supply organic and pure Persian saffron with fair price and customize services. We will deliver your order as fast as possible with CIF term. If you look for trustworthy and long term Business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dear Juan J. San Mames


I don’t know how say accept our apology

We have computer bug issue here

It has been round all the system I hope we finally could debag it with our It team

Please have the schedule for the 3rd time but assurance that is checked and confirmed .

For spain: Dear Sir or Madam

Thank you so much for choosing us as a business partner

Please have our pricing schedule as below ,

Do not hesitate to contact us if any other question is still remained,


Korea: Dear Justin Han

Thank you so much for your interest in our product, Our minimum quantity order is 1 k/g, Please check the price schedule discipline below We will deliver CIF, insurance and carriage is depend To the country and city of delivery We have from 1 kilo box packing and below to 0.5g, We will seal the saffron inside to prevent humidity Effect on product but the schedule price discipline is Explaining 1 kilo box price.

We do not have sole representative in Korea we can discuss this issue with pleasure but considering Compromised minimum buy in months.