Saffron Production Company in Iran

Saffron Production Company in Iran

We are prude to declare that as an Iranian saffron procedure company we offer two option of selling Persian saffron 1st bulk 2nd in special box with very special outer covers.

You can choose your inner boxes from the page:

Covers are available upon your designed order if the quantity is reasonable like 1000 of boxes or more.

In our 2nd option, we have the capacity to produce your own brand in our manufacture.

We as a forerunner saffron producer in Iran with pure natural all read high-quality saffron, are willing to cooperate with saffron distributors and wholesalers around the world.

Saffron term of sell CIF with air carriage only, the carriage price is suitable for at least 1 kilo or more, less than 1-kilo saffron carriage cost will not be suitable due to the total cost of your consignment.

Even international carrier (international posts) are very expensive however they might not even take more than 4 boxes or if they take 1 box of 100 grams of saffron the carriage cost is equal to buy 1-kilo saffron in the first step as a sample.

Saffron professional business usually buy 1 kilo at first order to test the quality and creditability of the seller then if the outcome was a suitable business would continue.

Please note that saffron whole sellers deal with advance payment or Telegraphic Transfer in advance and there are many Swindler who is setting trap for the worldwide buyers.

These Swindlers give very low price and show the high-quality saffron with pictures, it’s your professional recognition that real natural high-quality saffron has a fix certain price. Saffron is commodity and Iran with the 98% of word saffron production has an official saffron market to indicate the precise saffron market price each day. Saffron market price relay on supply and demand and also the classification and category of the saffron quality and saffron shape.

Our effort is to provide you with real pure natural all read high-quality saffron to empowers you to be well known saffron wholesale in your country and grantee you clients and consumers the health and effectiveness of the saffron that you provide.

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