best Wholesale saffron company

best Wholesale saffron company                                    saffron


Our main sale services starts from 1k/g and all production is 100% purenaturalorganic and all levels of harvesting and processing carried out in the present of experts.

best Wholesale saffron company


All business affairs carried out through the legal and official. We can supply all kind of saffronIran have 360 ton total in 2016 that 300 ton for export. 60% export is Cut Saffron and 30% Saffron Coupe and 10% Thread Saffron.

We can export from capital city of Tehran airport (IKIA). Transportation should be with airplane. Our delivery time is approximately 20 working days. Document has quality, health and standard certificates and SGS. Payment is against draft of BL 70%_ cash advance 30%, TT preferable but we can negotiate exportation your order sending with CIF. Checking the products in the Tehran office is allowed. Our mission is providing the highest quality and always insist on this principle. We are confident that we can meet your expectation. Our company provides you with standards, exclusive laboratory certificates and inspections with SGS upon your cost and order. Packing is bulk or by order can be with jar, cans all size is allowed. This is the best offer for saffron buyers.


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There is a limited number of Persian Saffron Company in which produces Iranian saffron from cultivating to processing and packing.


However, there are uncountable saffron wholesaler businesses all around the country. Some of wholesaler saffron businesses have very close relation with small farms, those saffron wholesalers have necessary saffron cultivating information to help farms for better efficiency and productivity.


Wholesale saffron business travels to regions and villages with many small farms in which they are lacking useful informational for yelling very demanding saffron.


Iranian saffron wholesale company , wholesale saffron and saffron wholesaler role 

Most farmers need essential information to produce expensive and very demanding classified saffron. These wholesale saffron businesses are also a source of a strong saffron base (saffron onion). There are many small farms when saffron bases multiply in area, the density and capacity of the limited property area cannot give efficient space for productivity growth, therefore the farms prefer to sell their saffron bases to the saffron wholesaler .


Saffron wholesaler store these saffron bases (onion) for the cultivation season and sell them to farmers who are cultivating the first time or have the weak saffron bases.


Wholesale saffron companies monitor the whole cultivation process and give farmers extensive advice for growing up high-quality saffron.


Soon after saffron complete grownup with yelling flowers there are two options for farmers to decide, either they hand pick the flowers and process to dry saffron and make it ready to sell or like most of them, they sell flowers to saffron wholesaler and saffron wholesale business organization will process and dry saffron in very knowledgeable Way which results in super NEGIN luxury expensive dried saffron ready to use.


Within two months saffron gives many flowers ready to pick when all procedures of saffron processing and drying is done the huge supply happens.


This is the season that big wholesaler buys and stock Saffron for whole one year till the next saffron harvesting.


These wholesaler saffron business together with saffron companies and official saffron commodity market defines the saffron price in all saffron classifications. However, due to huge saffron production in IRAN (near 500 tons) this identifying price, have tangible influence in the world saffron price.


Consequently, saffron wholesaler and the saffron company will control the saffron price in one year until the next harvesting season.


Wholesale saffron Exports in recent years is developed with very up-to-date and very charming gift boxes and big bulk wholesale saffron boxes.


Despite China and India large share of agriculture export in world market, Persian saffron or Iranian saffron among Iran agricultural industry has very considerable volume of agriculture products share in world.


Unfortunately, countries like India and China had set unfair high volume of import tariffs (import tax) to the Iranian saffron wholesale , thus saffron companies in these countries has to loop law with pricy action of taking Iranian saffron to countries like Afghanistan or Hong Kong to reexport to their countries due to elimination of the saffron wholesale custom tariff (import tax) in these countries and use the tariff exemption.


Heavy import tariffs have caused major Iranian saffron wholesale to India and China through the UAE by smuggling into these countries, which on the other hand, profits from these illegal exports goes to the pockets of Emirate’s exporters, however if Iran could have increased the international communication and interactions relation with all countries to open the hindering doors of heavy tariff addressing Iranian wholesale saffron.


Positive negotiations could open the exporting Iranian saffron path either in bulk wholesale saffron or retail gift boxes to the worlds.


Research shows approximately 64% of Persian saffron was shipped in the 10-30g boxes as a wholesale saffron export bulk package from Iran in the first 10 months of this year to Emirates and Spain markets. China, Saudi Arabia, India, Hong Kong, Italy, Sweden, Germany, and Taiwan were also the other major markets for this Iranian export product.


In total, 90 percent of the country’s largest saffron exports were shipped to six markets in the UAE, Spain, China, Saudi Arabia, India, and Hong Kong as a wholesale saffron.


One of the concerns of saffron companies and saffron wholesalers in IRAN which they are involved in the export of saffron wholesale is the purchase of bulk saffron at an underpriced by the other countries in wholesale saffron by companies which make their own brand and boxing although saffron inside the box belong to Iran, in addition they might re-exported Iranian saffron as Spanish saffron, Indian saffron or Afghanistan saffron in some cases make also fake saffron by mixing pure natural Iranian saffron with colored saffron cream for more illegitimate benefit .


saffron wholesale Bulk price is lower than saffron gift packaging. Bulk saffron along with packed saffron in Iran is the saffron which has the highest quality produced with very natural pure saffron.


To buy bulk or packed saffron from saffron wholesaler or saffron companies just search for real saffron first hand saffron producer company, good news is fortunately in recent years all provinces in Iran produce saffron some of provinces farmlands are producing even better quality comparing Khorasan province but still Khorasan is the largest producer of saffron in Iran, which all wholesale saffron companies buy their saffron from this area but year by year this trend is shifting to other provinces especially to Tehran. The saffron produced in this area (Tehran) has very high quality but not the only supplier of saffron.


Most saffron wholesale businesses are in Tehran and Khorasan considering the history of business ethics in Tehran, you might find better expert companies with more trust worthy which comply with ethics in Tehran, as result wholesale saffron companies can easily buy their required saffron and export them to other countries. Persian saffron is the most consuming saffron, due to its high quality and due to the recently develop packaging process along with fair price.


Researches show that the transition from wholesale saffron to retail in the short term is feasible by branding and government help to ameliorate the business negotiation with highly densely populated countries to lower the import saffron tariff which may result to lower price available for every one comparing other countries saffron production. However, this long-term transition is consistent with the wholesale saffron or retail price decline. In other words, the sensitivity of retail prices is not the same as the long-term decline in saffron wholesale prices. Given the fact that there are opportunities to increase the margin of the market and profit from intermediaries, it is suggested that the supportive policies increase the bargaining power of the producers, but pricing policies now are The reason for unfair price which is harmful to long term saffron export, since the profit earned by saffron wholesalers but not by the farmer labors.


The relationship between the wholesale saffron companies and the international marketing agents by which the product reaches the consumers from the hands of the saffron companies is identified as the market path. The tracing of these paths is related to product transfers, and the route that leads the major part of the product to the market. Major routes of saffron international marketing are in major cities producing saffron in Iran provinces.


According to the fact that, the major part of dry saffron is sold to the cities wholesale saffron market and local saffron companies by saffron farmers, and finally saffron wholesalers buy it from the market, in Tehran and other cities, according to the previous order has been explained. Retailers in Tehran and other cities usually produce saffron from three sources: either directly from farmland in the production areas, from wholesale saffron businesses in other regions and Tehran, or big companies produce saffron, in packaging and Standard certified process. saffron Packaging companies also buy saffron in bulk from saffron wholesalers in all saffron producing provinces, like Tehran or other cities, and export them in a standardized way for export which will be ready to be exported in gift box or bulk with the saffron wholesale exporter.


In the saffron market, there are brokers who directly or illegally export saffron in bulk outside the country (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and Iraq) or, according to previous explanation, wholesale saffron business of Mashhad, or in some other cities are sold through these agents who are illegally export unstandardized quality saffron from the country illegally. In general, in the current market system, saffron producing farmlands and companies which are produce standard saffron in the condition of benefit and good motivation, but due to product movement from inappropriate distribution channels, the producer’s benefits are minimized and, on the other hand, the domestic consumer buy the saffron with the maximum unfair price.


This trend continues while foreign saffron wholesale companies get Iran’s product at less than half the world market price due to fact that the saffron, they are buying is not in the standard quality.


saffron wholesale companies’ in Iran which are producing high standard benefits are very low, for the cost of grading, packaging, and advertising which is more than the price of the main product(saffron) and they earn a small income from the sale of the final production. This lack of coordination due to the farmland union and government coordination along with mall saffron wholesale businesses coherent organized selling process distribution, due to the lack of knowledge of the saffron quality and high price of testing machinery , the market situation and the price fluctuations plus the misinformation on supply and demand changes are the results of inorganized informing policy in the whole world markets.

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