Negin Saffron

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Negin saffron is the most beautiful type of different types of saffron, the bigger the pens, the more expensive its price and its name changes to super saffron.

What is a pseudonym?
Negin-like saffron is something between straw saffron and Negin saffron, which has been less carefully cleaned and there is some yellowing along with the red stigma.
For this reason, its price is less than that, and unfortunately, some people sell it to their customers instead of Negin.

Application of Negin saffron
At times when you have special guests and you want to give them worthy saffron. Items where saffron coloring is the criterion for you.
What parts does Negin saffron contain?
Negin is a special type of saffron in which the three strands of stigma (red parts) are separated from the existing filaments without cream or the white root of saffron.

How Negin saffron is produced
Saffron farmers come to their saffron fields at dawn and must remove all the flowers before sunrise.
Finally, by transferring the flowers to a specific place and during the separation operation, when they want to separate the complete saffron root from the flower, they immediately cut three strands of stigma from each other.
Then the saffron in question is transferred to the dryer and the drying operation of Negin saffron begins.

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