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Piarom date is an export date that accounts for one of the largest percentages of Iran’s wholeale date exports. Among the 400 varieties of dates cultivated in Iran, Piarom is considered the most luxurious and expensive as well as the best and tastiest dates.
Piarom date as a semi-dry date has attracted the satisfaction of customers from all over the world due to its ability to be stored for a long time and dry.
Due to its high quality, wholesale Piarom dates have been able to attract a large share of the attention of the world markets, and bulk Piarom date is exported from Iran to many different countries.
If you Buy Piarom dates just once, you will have this date for use forever because of its beautiful appearance and good taste.
Eyjan Company is one of the largest Piarom date suppliers in Iran. We Work as a Piarom date wholesaler to supply different kinds of dates, such as fresh and dried Dates to Date importers from all over the world.
Through our services, buy the highest quality wholesale Piarom date that fits their region’s dates market requirements.
To buy wholesale Piarom dates from Iran and more information, you can contact us at Eyjan Company.

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Iranian wholesale Piarom dates

What are the different types of Iranian export dates?
Piarom dates characteristics
Why Piarom Dates is Expensive?
Piarom dates Wholesale price in Iran 2022
Wholesale Piarom dates Packaging
Why buy wholesale Piarom dates from Eyjan company

Iranian wholesale Piarom dates

·       Buy Wholesale Piarom dates online from Iran

Piarom dates

Piarom date (or Maryami date) is an Iranian date that is grown organically (without any chemicals) mostly in Hormozgan, Haji Abad city, which is located in the southern regions of Iran. This type of date is long and its size is from 3 to 5 cm, and the color of its thin skin is black-brown, and its texture is brown.
Piarom date is so attractive and beautiful that it is called the “bride dates” of Iran and the world.
Piaram dates are very resistant to water salinity, and due to the suitable conditions for its cultivation in Hajiabad, a large area of orchards in this region is dedicated to the cultivation of Piaram dates.
Dates are one of the most sold natural products in the Middle East.
Due to India’s high population and the existence of about 200 million Muslims in this country, as well as Indians’ interest in Iranian dates, India has a large share in the import of dates from Iran, especially during Ramadan.
To import wholesale Piarom dates from Iran and more information, you can contact us at Eyjan Company.

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How can I import Piarom dates from Iran?

Iran is one of the largest countries in the Date market since it produces high-quality dates; and many countries import Date from Iran.
Through its services, Eyjan export Company has simplified the import of dates and other first-class products produced in Iran for importers of these products around the world.

What are the different types of Iranian export dates?

Iran is known as one of the best date exporters in the world. Iranian dates are available at Eyjan Company including Mazafati dates, Rabbi dates, Zahedi dates, Piarom dates, Kabkab dates, Lulu dates, Chopped dates, Kali dates, Sayer dates.

To buy wholesale Piarom dates from Iran and more information, you can contact us at Eyjan Company.

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Piarom dates characteristics

Piarom dates

  • Humidity up to 15% (semi-dry dates)
  • Large and elongated size
  • Dark brown color
  • Full adhesion of skin and flesh
  • Sweet and chocolatey taste
  • Beautiful wrinkled skin
  • Shell color black brown
  • The color of the mantle is brown

What are the Piarom dates benefits?

Its sugar is appropriate for people who suffer from Diabetes
It’s a rich source of potassium that is so necessary for preventing high blood pressure and strengthening the nerves.
Has a high amount of Magnesium that is effective for muscles.

Piarom Dates Nutrition

  • 100 grams of Piarom contains about:
  • 300 calories
  • 70% carbohydrates
  • 2% protein
  • 6% fat

It is also rich in Carbohydrates, Protein, minerals, and fiber which is very beneficial for the digestive system.

Why Piarom Dates is Expensive?

Piarom dates

Many factors affect the quality and, as a result, the price of wholesale Piaram dates.

What factors contribute to the price of dates?

Additional quality and quantity are two factors that should be considered in determining the wholesale price of Piaram dates.

Among the factors related to the quality characteristics of dates, we can mention the place of date cultivation, the time of harvesting and the way of harvesting, and the quality and size of dates, which directly affect the price of these dates.
But some economic factors, such as the type of packaging, the amount of demand in the market, the amount of annual production, as well as the fluctuation of the price of date-related products, are among the factors that affect the price of this product according to the market.
Due to the lack of cultivation of the Piaram palm, this product remains unique and has a relatively higher price due to the low supply.
The quality and price of dates are strongly influenced by their storage conditions. Due to the fragile skin and smooth texture of this type of date, careful washing and packaging can affect the price of the final product. For the taste and texture of Piaram dates, they should be stored in a dry and cold place.
Due to their superior quality, Piaram dates are considered first-class dates, which affects their wholesale price.
The level of global demand may also affect the final wholesale price of Piaram dates.
In other words, some varieties of Iranian dates have international fans.
The prices offered by Iran, have been strongly influenced by the change in the exchange rate of Iran in relation to the dollar.
Also, the volume of production and supply of Piaram dates in Iran, as well as the volume of demand and export are other factors affecting its price.
For example, the demand for the import of Piaram dates has increased in the days before Ramadan, as a result, this product is sold at a higher price during this period.

Piarom dates Wholesale price in Iran 2022

Piarom dates

One of the important factors that play role in increasing the Piaram dates wholesale price is the presence of intermediaries.
Reliable Piaram dates suppliers in Iran and Piaram dates wholesalers offer Piaram dates at the most reasonable price by eliminating middlemen.
You can buy Piaram dates at a competitive price from the wholesale center of Piaram dates in Iran.
Eyjan Company supplies first-hand and fresh directly from gardeners, so you can make sure of the quality and purity of the product.
In addition to the possibility of online shopping, it is also possible to buy Piaram dates at the Tehran office.
For wholesale Piarom dates price information, you can contact us at Eyjan Company.

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Piarom dates Storage conditions

At Eyjan Company, Piarom dates are stored in an appropriate condition, to stay fresh and tasty, increase their shelf life, and be protected from edidsease or decay.
Shelf life: up to 12 months in normal temperature (In Cold temperatures more than 2 years

Wholesale Piarom dates Packaging

500 Gr, 1000 Gr
5k, 10 k (Carton)
As per the customer’s request

Why Buy  wholesale Piarom dates from Eyjan company

Wholesale Piarom dates producer and supplier

  • Direct Date supply from the farm to the market
  • Supply all types of fresh dates and dry dates
  • Providing new packaging designs for bulk and the retail orders
  • Possibility to supply dates with your custom packaging
  • Supply Dates in the highest qualities at production price
  • Having the standards of the Ministry of Health
  • Having all national and international licenses and halal mark
  • Packaging in compliance with all export standards
  • Product quality assurance
  • The ability to send unlimited volume orders
  • after-sales support services and long-term cooperation

To buy wholesale Piarom dates from Iran and more information, you can contact us at Eyjan Company.

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