Saffron Price 2020

Saffron Price Plant is too important for some reasons:

Saffron Price or The price of saffron is directly related to its quality We offer the best quality at the best price

  1. The capability of preservation for 2 to 3 days and possibility of flowers carriage for manufacturing from an area to other place or other countries.
  2. The possibility of harvesting by hand and without requiring specific technology in third world countries which are lack of technology.
  3. Facility of harvesting by inexpensive labors, children, women, people with disabilities, and aged persons as well.
  4. No need of special skills and convenience of harvesting flowers with traditional methods and mostly by women.
  5. Flower delicacy and no dust in harvesting period.
  6. Pleasant smell of saffron in early morning harvesting, you cannot find any person that miss this experiencing in period of harvesting.
  7. Considering of saffron flower anatomy which is not have the thorns and being soft and tender makes the harvesting easy and safe for labors.
  8. Facility of participating in production of saffron for all type of people that dealing with saffron such as, city residences, Experts, University students.
  1. Having a psychological impact for those who participating in harvesting and producers of Saffron product.
  2. Considering saffron fragrance, we can find an extensive impact on surrounded farm area, especially deserts and Industrial areas.
  3. Saffron has embellishing effects of rural areas and cities
  4. Saffron attracts beautiful birds to the farm which make an attractive view for the area.

Saffron PriceSaffron PriceSaffron PriceSaffron Price

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