Various grades of Iranian Saffron and their differences

Various grades of Iranian Saffron and their differences

Various Saffron uses for pharmaceutical and therapeutic purposes

Saffron is a crop that is used by all nations of the world and in various forms as follows:

Use Saffron as herbal tea, Herbal tea is a hot drink in which a part of a flower, leaf, stem, root, skin, fruit or other components of medicinal herbs is placed in boiling water, then a Chinese or glass teapot or kettle is placed on gentle heating. This Saffron tea can slowly steep from 10 to 15 minutes. In different parts of the world, from Westminster London to San Francisco’s restaurants and cafes in the United States and tea houses from traditional countries such as Iran, Turkey, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Saffron tea is stylish drink. Other uses of Iranian Saffron for medicinal and treatment purposes are satisfactory.

Benefits of persian Saffron

To prepare Saffron tea, half a gram of Cut Saffron (Sargol) is added to the boiling water. There is no heating so the degree of boiling water is decreased. The Saffron tea slowly steep in a Chinese or glass teapot or kettle from 10 to 15 minutes. Seal the teapot with a tight-fitting lid to keep the steam from escaping. Then the stylish and pleasant Saffron tea is ready for drinking. This herbal drink after one hour will lose its excellent flavor and color, and high quality.

To prepare a tincture, grind 2 grams of Saffron and mix it with 20 grams of white alcohol at 80 degrees and keep it in a glass container. Place this glass in the dark place and shake it every day, after 2 weeks strain the spent herbs and it is ready to be used it. The maximum amount of tincture of Saffron is 10 to 15 drops per day.


Saffron powder


To maximize the special characteristics of Saffron such as its aroma, taste, and color, the Iran Saffron powder should be prepared with 6% moisture using traditional methods or powder molding machine. In a traditional way, which is usually done with stone mortar, you have to add a little sugar or salt with the amount of Saffron you want to grind and gently turn it into powder using an abrasive method.

Dry Saffron is susceptible to powder, but if Saffron is kept in an inappropriate place and absorbed moisture is not suitable to be powdered. So, Place the Saffron in a dark and dry environment to reduce its moisture. In such a way that the Saffron do not lose its aroma, taste, and color. If it is not possible to dry the Saffron at the room temperature, you should dry the Saffron for half an hour at about 20 to 30 degrees Celsius by heating.

The more the Saffron threads turn into smaller particles, the better the flavor, taste, and color of the Saffron can be dispersed. In order to achieve a better result, powdered Saffron can be passed through a very fine sieve to produce a very soft powder. It can be used in various forms for medicinal purposes and food spice. This powder should be kept in an appropriate colored glass container and placed in a dry and cool environment.

The best usage of Iranian Saffron

Saffron has warm nature as we discussed before so the best way to exploit of usage the Iranian Saffron is infusion in the hot water.

Monthly usage of 3 grams of the Iranian Saffron has observably effect on human body immune system and protect it against many diseases.

Iranian Saffron has the most immersive medicine properties which promote health human includes optimizing the digestive system, eliminate pain, boost heart health improves sleep patterns, strengthen bones, and improve the immune function as well.


Properties of Iranian Saffron flower petals:

The most obvious benefits of Iranian Saffron purple petals is disinfectant and Anti-inflammatory.

As further we mentioned continuous usage of infusion Saffron has an impressive effect on happiness.

In the past years, Saffron petals did not use in any specific field even in feeding livestock

Nowadays medicine and health companies utilize Iranian Saffron petals in making toners and makeup removers.

Properties of Iranian Saffron flowers:

Purple flowers of Saffron has numerous benefits that we will discuss it in this article through the details,

As further you know Saffron farms are hosting the flowers of the red and purple yearly in two weeks.

In fact, these petals protect precious stigmas like a jewelry box.

After separation procedure of stigmas, violet petals of the Saffron does not have any usage for farmers, but nowadays pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies utilize the petals of this precious flower in wide range dermatological properties like producing cleaners and beauty care products.


Saffron facts:

Saffron is not just used as a prized spice but according to the amazing healing and medicinal properties has been used traditionally to treat disease and has various medicinal and pharmaceutical a property and benefits so, these points encouraged other countries to export this product. According to these benefits and fact, Iranian Saffron has become the most prized and valuable product in the world market.


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