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Eyjan dry figs benefits

In the present article, we are going to introduce the properties and benefits of another product of Eyjan company, dry figs. whether consumed fresh or dried, figs have a sweet taste and many health benefits. This tasty fruit is tastier and stronger when it gets dry.

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Dry figs properties

The high amount of calcium, iron, and potassium in dried figs along with the high amount of fiber and low fat makes you add healthy ingredients to your diet. You can eat it alone or in a mixture of yogurt and salad or on cereal and oatmeal.

the main benefits  and properties of dried figs include the following:

1. They are rich in fiber

Figs are a good source of soluble fibers that help you stay full for a long time and also treat constipation.

2. Dry figs are rich in vital vitamins and minerals

Figs are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, and phosphorus. High potassium plus low levels of sodium are very good for people suffering from high blood pressure.

3. Dry figs contain a good content of calcium

The high calcium in figs is good to increase bone health.

4. Dried figs increase and strengthen the immune system

Its high mucilage helps treat and protect the sore throat.

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Calories in dried figs

100 grams of includes 220 calories. besides calories, they are sweet and have a high glycemic content of 61. The high glycemic load of figs increases blood sugar levels.

As dry figs quickly release high levels of sugar in the body and may not be suggested for people with type 2 diabetes. Better to use sweet and high-energy foods early in the day so that the released energy in the body is burned throughout the day.

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Medicinal properties of dried figs

Figs are the only fruits that have the highest health benefits, including:

Improving immune system

As we said before dried figs strengthen the immune system. They eliminate harmful estrogens from the body. Too much estrogen hormone in the body may lead to menopause problems, ovarian, breast, and uterine cancer, weight gain, and mood changes, which figs will help the body eliminate such symptoms.

Avoiding heart diseases

Moreover, dried figs contain health-enhancing antioxidants. they contain a type of antioxidant called phenol, which helps reduce heart disease and various types of cancer.

Making body slim

Another health benefit of dry figs is their effect on slimming. They aid digestion. dry figs include highly nutritious fiber. As fiber-rich foods are a good choice to eliminate fat, dry figs with a high amount of natural fiber will be very useful for weight loss.

Regulating blood pressure

Dry figs also regulate blood pressure. the presence of potassium and nutrients in figs makes them effective in controlling high blood pressure. Due to the current lifestyle and excessive consumption of processed foods, the body may lack potassium which leads to high blood pressure. So, since dry figs are rich in potassium, they help you maintain and regulate blood pressure.

Preventing breast cancer

For women, menopause and breast cancer are two important things to deal with that have countless health risks in addition to psychological effects. Researchers have found that women who eat fiber-rich fruits are less likely to develop breast cancer. Dry figs are probably one of the best options for natural fiber.

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Helping skin diseases

If you want to protect your skin from the destructive effects of age and stress, you need to consume proper nutrition. One of the most common conditions seen in the skin of young people and adults is acne. Some others are blackheads, whiteheads, and even cysts. You can eliminate them to a great extent by consuming dry figs.

Improving hair health

Because of modern lifestyles and eating habits, hair problems are very common. Hair problems occur due to a lack of vital minerals and nutrients. Having long, healthy, and glowing skin is no more a dream if you use dried figs.

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traditional medicine recipes with dry figs

According to some traditional medicine books, it is understood that consuming dried figs along with almonds, pistachios, and walnuts is a way to strengthen memory and thinking power. Also, if it is added to the diet of pregnant women, it can improve the memory of the fetus.

Dry figs also help constipation. It is recommended that eating dried figs soaked in olive oil on an empty stomach in the morning is effective in relieving constipation.

Fig syrup relieves throat and cough and is considered a light laxative. For this purpose, you can boil 5 to 10 dried figs in some water until it becomes syrup and use it.

In traditional medicine, it is recommended to drink dried fig decoction in milk to treat angina, gingivitis, and oral mucosal inflammation. Figs are also recommended for those with iron deficiency.

Dry figs exported from Iran

Iran’s dried figs are one of the prominent items in the field of international trade and are in great demand. Eyjan Company has been a successful exporter of Iranian dry figs.

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Eyjan dry figs


The packaging of figs also has a great impact on its sales and exports. Eyjan uses new, beautiful, and standard packaging for dry figs, that’s why many customers outside the country’s borders are interested in buying Iranian figs from this company.

You may see a list of other products of this company, all with the standard quality for export.


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