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How to import dry figs from Iran?

Figs are a kind of fruit grown in tropical areas. Iran is a great producer and exporter of fresh and dried figs. In this article, we are going to give you some points which can help you import figs from Iran.

Importing dried figs in bulk

Fig is a great and valuable fruit which has many healing features and includes a very high nutritional value. Iran is one of the biggest producers and exporters of figs. Traders import Dried figs from Iran in bulk.

dried figs in bulk

Production of the best dried figs

Iranian producers produce dried figs through some processes. The good point in dried figs is that exporting dried figs are easier than fresh ones.

Some methods of drying figs are:

  • Sun drying
  • Heat drying
  • Drying with desiccants

Iran has many fig orchards and it is the 5th largest producer of dried figs in the world. As figs are produced in big quantities in Iran, most traders prefer exporting dried figs to other countries.

royal dried figs

Trading Iran dried figs

There are many trading companies that try to deal with and import figs from Iran. These companies have to follow special packaging principles according to the import laws and customs tariffs of their country. For example, Estehban figs are very tasty and high-quality brands of figs that are imported whether packed in Iran or in bulk.

The safest way to import dried figs from Iran

Because of their facilities and functional scopes, trading and commercial companies mostly import dried figs under the supervision of the chamber of commerce. Making business contracts for the purchase and sale of dry fruits or other products is safe under the supervision of the chamber of commerce.

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first grade dried figs

Classification of Iranian export figs

Commercial companies observe certain laws of packing to export high-quality products to the destination countries. There are different categories and rates of dried figs for export. The larger size and the healthier figs are more expensive.

1.      Dried figs, grade 101 AAA

These figs are the best quality figs with 24 to 28 mm diameter. They have smiling seeds and are very sweet. Estehban figs are among the figs which are mostly demanded in Iran. This grade of figs is mostly selected as export quality figs by foreign trading companies.

2.      Dried figs with grade 101AA

These figs are mostly similar to grade one fig, with the only difference of 22 to 24 mm in diameter

3.     Grade A dried figs

These figs have a diameter of 20 mm and only 45% of it is smiling. But its color is completely uniform and bright, and 15% of its seeds may have dark colors.

4.      Grade B dried figs

These figs are exported in packages or in bulk. The normal diameter of this type is between 14 to 18 mm. the color of the seeds is mixed.

Everything that a foreign buyer may know about Iranian dried fruit

One of the oldest methods of preserving food is using the drying process. With the help of this process, in addition to preventing food spoilage, the weight and volume of the product are reduced, making it easier to pack, transport and store.

Eyjan, an Iranian company is one of the largest producers of dried fruit products, and by using its production capacity, it has been able to be a great competitor for other producing Companies in the field of exporting dried fruits abroad, such as exporting pistachios and dates.

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Among the dry fruits exported from Iran, a major part of dry fruit exports is to Europe.

Eyjan export dried figs

The export of dried figs from Iran to neighboring countries is increasing day by day, and this first-class product is also available in the domestic market. If you are an importer of dried figs from Iran, our first advice is to check the export products of Eyjan Company. Dried figs are available for you in packages or in bulk.

First-class dried figs are sold online from the internet website of this Company. To buy all kinds of dried figs, contact the consultants of the sales unit of the Eyjan site.


Dried figs are one of the most important export products of Iran, which had the highest production and harvest in the Fars and Mazandaran provinces. This product is available in the first-grade and second-grade types in the market, but the first-grade type is mostly for export and is sold at a higher price in the market. To purchase the best quality figs for export and make a wonderful deal, you may contact Eyjan export department.




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