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buy super Negin saffron Iranian saffron best price

buy super Negin saffron Iranian saffron best price

What is Negin saffron and differences with Super Negin Saffron and how much does it worth?

buy super negin saffron iranian saffron best price

What is Negin Saffron? What’s are the differences between Export Grade Negin Saffron and other saffron products like ordinary Negin saffron? How much is the price of Grade 1 (Premium) Negin Saffron?

After harvesting of saffron flowers, purple petals are separated from other flower parts. The quality grade of the saffron product is determined during separation and drying stages based on the intactness of stigmas, amount discolored (white) parts and styles attached to the stigma.

If all discolored (white or yellow) parts are removed during the separation stage, the grade of the product is Negin saffron or Super Negin saffron.

In another word, Negin Saffron refers to a high-quality product which is constituted from intact and unbroken hand-picked stigmas. Attractive appearance and the high volume of saffron are among the main reasons behind the popularity of this product. The high quality of Negin Saffron compared to Sargol Saffron on one hand, and limitations of production of this product, on the other hand, resulted in the high price of Negin compared to Sargol saffron.

Super NEGIN saffron is Negin saffron which has higher quality comparing NEGIN saffron giving much more color comparing NEGIN saffron, physically taller, thicker with more aroma, Super Negin is not producing very much because to produce super Negin saffron we need a special size of flowers with strengthening stigma.

This particular product is known in different markets by another name; the purest Negin Saffron, Super Negin Saffron, Export Grade Negin and other combinations of these terms are among these names.

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EYJAN Persian saffron expert team strongly advises you to ask the price of saffron products from us before purchasing it; unfortunately, there are many frauds who use chemical eatable substances to color disposable parts of the saffron flower and sell it as “Negin Saffron”.

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