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How to prepare saffron honey?

How to prepare saffron honey?

what is saffron honey?

Saffron honey is produced through a rare plant called saffron flower. Saffron honey is one of the high quality honeys with amazing properties.The combination of properties of saffron and honey can be called “energizing concoction”. Saffron honey have special properties, but using the two together (saffron and honey) will have a multiplier effect.

The use of new technologies in the production of saffron honey and the observance of health standards in the production process has made our products one of the most popular products in this field due to maintaining quality for a long time and improving the taste of saffron honey. For more information about saffron honey, please join us in this article

Buy saffron honey
Buy saffron honey

Saffron honey: The best Iranian honey

The reason that Iranian saffron honey is known as one of the best saffron honeys in the world is the use of high quality saffron flowers. This brand imports the highest quality saffron into raw materials for saffron honey by concluding contracts with saffron producers in Iran. In fact, the originality of saffron flowers is the same feature that gives superiority to saffron honey produced in Iran.

Saffron honey quality

saffron honey quality depends on the following:

We do not use sugar in the process of producing saffron honey, that is why the product does not contain sugar.

Using high quality saffron flowers and adding it to honey in compliance with health and food industry standards.

This product still retains its properties even after a long time after production and will not change its color and smell.

Saffron honey Recipi

Hearing the name of saffron honey, the question must have been created for you that how this type of honey is made. In the following, we will refer to the method of producing this quality product.

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To prepare saffron honey in the first step, you have to pour saffron threads into the bowl and moisten it by adding vanilla extract and let it brew for 10 minutes. Put the honey on a gentle heat only until it is warm and slightly liquid. Then mix the honey and saffron together and let them stay at room temperature for 2 hours to mix their taste and smell. In this way, you will see pieces of saffron in it when consuming the product. The taste and aroma of saffron when using honey doubles its attractiveness for you.


  • 1/2 tsp saffron (40-50 threads), or to taste  
  • 1 tsp real vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup honey

6 characteristics of saffron honey

Vision power booster: saffron honey regulates and strengthens eye cells and protects the eye’s vision cells. Of course, this feature is often important for the elderly; Because it is an effective treatment for yellow spots on the retina of the elderly.

Stubborn enemy of cancer: Scientific research has shown that this exceptional compound has anti-cancer properties, because it contains many antioxidants. In general, preventing the formation of tumors in the body is one of the duties of honey and saffron, these two substances are also called free radical catchers.

No side effects for your pain: One of the most famous properties of the combination of honey and saffron is pain relief. The soothing properties of these two substances are due to the combination of safranal.

Achieve an ideal body: Weight loss with honey and saffron is done in such a way that using these two foods together reduces appetite, so they prevent overeating and will cause weight loss.

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Bladder cleansing: The use of honey and saffron increases the workload of the kidneys in the body. Therefore, more urine is drained and the bladder is cleansed and flushed.

Ensure heart health: Consumption of honey and saffron each separately are effective for heart health, but if combined with each other, this property will double.

First class saffron honey!!

First-class honey has less than 3% sucrose. First class honey is produced and prepared by bees in a completely organic way. The honeys available in the market are divided into two general parts: natural or first-class honey and nutritional honey. First-class honey is honey that humans do not interfere in the production process and in bee nutrition. To produce natural honey, bees only need to feed on the nectar of flowers. Saffron honey produced by this brand is a first-class and natural honey.

Saffron honey production at Eyjan manufacturer company

The first step for the production of saffron honey in this company is the use of new technologies to produce high quality saffron flowers. Planting the plant in rich soil, using first-class saffron flowers and the cultivation process are among the items with new technical knowledge by the company’s experts. Do not use chemicals in the production process has made the final product 100% natural. The second stage is the production of natural honey using international standards. In the third stage, honey and saffron are combined with the above instructions.

How to keep Saffron honey?

The first and most important point that should be considered when storing saffron honey is the container that we choose for honey. Because honey is acidic, not every container is suitable for storage. For this reason, it is recommended to store saffron honey in glass jars or plastic containers for food. Of course, if honey is supposed to stay for a long time, a glass container is the best option.

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Under no circumstances should honey be stored in the refrigerator as it will harden and accelerate the setting process. Raw honey should not be placed next to heat sources such as heaters, stoves or heaters. Excessive temperature changes cause the properties of honey to be lost as well as its color and odor. In addition, honey should be placed in a dark place away from light because direct sunlight will destroy the properties and change the color of honey. Honey is a moisture absorber and easily absorbs the surrounding moisture, which causes it to ferment and disappear. So where we put honey must be dry. Honey also easily absorbs odors. So it should not be next to substances that have a lot of odors, such as detergents and so on.

Why can you trust us?

In this collection, we have made every effort to produce quality products to satisfy customers. If you want to buy saffron honey from this brand, which is one of the most famous Iranian brands in this field, please contact us.

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