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Iranian saffron manufacturer

Eyjan saffron company  is an Iranian saffron manufacturer which deals with natural saffron.

We have always tried by all means to provide the highest quality of saffron to our customers and we are confident that we have done well so far with our customers’ satisfaction and will do our best to keep our customers satisfied.

If you are looking for a first-hand company to deal with honesty and trust  having best quality saffron very pure natural  please send us to email to:

Mobile/WhatsApp/We chat +989122386171

We as an Iranian saffron manufacturer produce all kinds of saffron in our company including:

1_Negin/ cope saffron: (Super Negin, Exported Negin, Normal Negin) coloring power=290 usp

2_Pushal/ thread saffron: coloring power=220 usp

3_Sargol/cut saffron: Coloring power=200 usp

4_ Dasteh/ Bunch saffron: Coloring power=120-150 usp

All types of saffron are produced in the highest quality and above the standard.

We as an saffron producer , produce saffron in a completely natural way and we try that no chemical fertilizers or pesticides will be used during the cultivation of saffron on our farmland as possible.

There are few saffron manufacturers in the world who produce natural saffron even in Iran which is the biggest saffron producer in the world. Few Iranian saffron manufacturers produce natural saffron.

Since the higher profit of cultivating conventional saffron, most of the Iranian saffron manufacturers prefer to produce conventional saffron and due to the great demand of saffron in all over the world and the lower production of this crop most of the Iranian saffron manufacturers and other countries cultivate conventional saffron which has more returns but we against the most of Iranian saffron manufacturers, cultivate natural saffron because we are not just salesman. We love our business and mind customer satisfaction.

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Different types of packaging are available in different sizes and genders.

Packing: Bulk saffron orders are packed in metal containers or plastic bags of different weights on customer’s request.

Retail (gift) boxes include metal boxes, Poly-crystal jars and Poly-crystal rectangular boxes in different sizes which are 1 gram, 3 grams, and 5 grams containers. Over 1000 retail boxes saffron order is accepted to be packed in your desired weight boxes and also with your own brand.

Different containers have different prices; wholesale saffron is cheaper than retail saffron but packed saffron is more beneficial for the saffron wholesalers.

Prices:  Always the customer’s first question is about the price. Various factors are involved in the price of saffron, including the type of saffron, the quality, the packing and purchasing saffron from the manufacturer or intermediaries.  Depending on these factors, different saffron sellers may have higher or lower prices for their saffron compared with other saffron sellers.

Since we are an Iranian saffron manufacturer, our saffron price is lower than its quality.  Because there is no dealer buying saffron from us is like buying saffron from a farmer.  So if you find our same quality saffron in other saffron company you will not be able to buy it at this price.

Some saffron wholesalers may give you the same price or even lower than a producer’s saffron price. You should be cautious not to be deceived. Unfortunately, most of the saffron in the market are inferior.

There are some fraudsters who buy saffron roots or corn stigmas, color and mix them with pure saffron then sell it as high-quality saffron. There is another way that fraudsters use and it’s adding water, sugar, honey or a type of fat to the saffron to make it heavier. This impurity is not easily recognizable to the eye.

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What is fresh and pure saffron?

The saffron you buy should be fresh and no additives such as other herbs should be mixed with it. There are some methods to distinguish pure saffron.

Put one of the saffron strands on your tongue.  If you have a sweet taste in your mouth, this is fake saffron.  This saffron is impregnated with sugar or honey. The original saffron is slightly bitter or sometimes tasteless.

Another surefire way to distinguish genuine saffron is its aroma if you know the smell of saffron.

The original saffron fragrance is very exciting and warm. The fresher the saffron, the smell is sharper

-Saffron stigmas are not originally glossy. If so, fat is added to it to increase its weight.

Iranian saffron manufacturer

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