saffron thread (poushal)

The other type of Saffron is called Saffron Thread ( poushal ), in order to collect this type of Saffron,…. Read More

cut saffron(sargol)

In the classification of Saffron types after  Saffron Coupe (negin),Cut Saffron(Sargol) is the best type of Saffron which has the highest colouring power.

Saffron Sargol – Saffron Sargol – Saffron Sargol

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saffron coupe(negin)

This is the best kind of Saffron that has the best quality and the highest colouring power.


In order to collect Saffron Coupe(negin),farmers separate the red and large stigmas that the lower parts of their strands are connected together.There is no yellow part or cream in this type of Saffron. In the classification of Saffron Coupe,if the much taller stigmas are collected which the tips of them are bulkier and thicker,this type of Saffron is called super Saffron Coupe that is the most expensive and the finest kind of Saffron. In general,the colouring power of Saffron Coupe(negin) is between 230 and 270 degrees.

Bunch Saffron

The first product of Saffron is Bunch(daste) which is the most common method of trading among farmers and producers.

This type of Saffron displays the completed threads of Saffron from the red stigma to white root. The Saffron Thread or daughter screwed Saffron is the natural Saffron available in the marker because no change can be seen in it. For collecting this type of Saffron, the Saffron stigmas associated with cream are collected together to form a cluster and finally a strand is used to wrap the cluster from the middle part of I and is dried without any change in the cluster. Bunch or Daste is used to collect Saffron Coupe, Saffron Thread and Cut Saffron. 



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