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Iranian saffron exporter

Eyjan saffron company exports saffron all over the world as an Iranian saffron exporter our main mission is  supplying the best quality saffron to the market with the fairest price.

If you are looking for a first hand company to deal with honesty and trust  having best quality saffron very pure natural  please send us email to : 

Mobile/WhatsApp/We chat +989122386171

All the Eyjan Company’s saffron is fresh and every year’s new product. Due to the large number of requests and fair price of Eyjan saffron, no saffron produced by Eyjan company  remains for next year.

 All the saffron produced in Eyjan saffron company contains tall and crimson red stigmas and has the least fracture rate.

Iranian saffron exporters supply their saffron from 3ways: They can buy saffron from farmers, from saffron wholesalers and big companies produce their own saffron. There are few Iranian saffron exporters who also produce saffron. Eyjan saffron company is a big Iranian saffron exporter, which itself cultivates its required saffron from planting to harvesting and drying. We are Iranian saffron exporter that produce our own saffron.

 Eyjan company both produces and exports all types of saffron but has focused on export superfine Negin and Pushal saffron.

Different types of saffron which are produced by Eyjan company:

1_ Negin saffron: tall, thick and all red stigmas, coloring power=

*Super Negin (fracture=5%)

*Exported Negin(fracture=10%)

*Normal Negin(fracture=15%)

2_Sargol: Thick, all red and short stigmas, coloring power=

3_Pushal saffron: Tall and a little wavy stigmas



4_ Dasteh/Bunch saffron: Contains red and yellow parts together, coloring power:

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  Price: All kinds of saffron have different prices. The prices are so fair due to the quality of the saffron you buy. There is no cheapness without reason. Our product is first class and contains pure, organic, all red saffron. If you’re looking for the highest quality you can count on us. 

 You can start purchasing from minimum order quantity which is 1 kilogram.

Your orders are sent from Tehran and by airplane. The maximum time it takes you to receive your orders is 15-20 working days for bulk saffron and 30-45 working days for retail boxes. All the Iran’s customs fees is up the customer and it’s about 230 Canadian Dollars per 1-10 kilograms saffron.

We will work with the local valid saffron companies which have a pure and high-quality product and want to export their saffron with their own brand as an Iranian saffron exporter.

There are a limited number of saffron exporters all over the world and also in Iran who export high quality and pure saffron.

 Unfortunately, there are some Iranian saffron exporters who export saffron at low prices to Afghanistan, Iraq or Turkey but not legally! The saffron which these countries buy from these Iranian saffron exporters is not high-quality and standard. They buy saffron roots that are colored by spray and mixed with saffron. If you buy saffron for medicinal uses be sure you buy Iranian saffron from a valid Iranian saffron exporter although the color used for painting them is dangerous for everybody.

Most of the produced saffron in Iran are exported to India, China, and Spain by Iranian saffron exporters. They mix pure Iranian saffron with fake saffron and re-export it as their own saffron.

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This is detectable in the lab, but for people who don’t have lab equipment when shopping, it’s a problem. 

Here are some methods that will help you identify high-quality saffron from poor quality.


What are the characteristics of high-quality and fresh saffron?

_The color of fresh saffron is quite red. 

_Good saffron has a warm, spicy and pleasant smell, the low smell of saffron can be indicative of aging or possibly counterfeit.

High-quality saffron turns water yellow when mixed with water, while fake saffron turns the water red or dark orange.


Package types are available in different containers and in different sizes.

Bulk saffron containers include metal boxes and plastic bags.

Retail boxes include metal boxes, glass jars, and rectangular glass boxes.

All retail boxes are available in 1 gram,3 grams, and 5 grams weight.

All packages have different prices.

Iranian saffron exporter

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