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Eyjan saffron company  as an Iranian saffron wholesaler is able to fulfill large number of orders in a short time. We constantly do our best to produce the highest quality of saffron.

We are one of those few Iranian saffron wholesalers who are saffron producers too. We have removed dealers as possible to supply the Iranian saffron with its real price.

If you are looking for a first hand company to deal with honesty and trust  having best quality saffron very pure natural  please send us email to :

Mobile/Whats App/We chat +989122386171

We supply our Iranian  saffron in two ways: first, we produce it ourselves, and second, we buy from the known farmers that we have regular supervision over their farmland. We supply all kinds of saffron. Any type of saffron you want is available in our company in the finest quality. But our mission is to produce and supply superior Negin saffron.

Different kinds of saffron which are produced by Eyjan saffron company:

1_ Negin saffron

*Super Negin

*Exported Negin

*Normal Negin

2_Sargol saffron

3_Pushal saffron

4_Dasteh (Bunch) saffron

Price:  Various factors, such as the type of saffron, the quality of the saffron, the type of packaging, purchasing saffron from the farmer or the middlemen, etc., affect the price of the saffron.

Especially the quality of saffron is very effective in its price and we have no right to judge the price without considering the quality of the saffron.

The price of our saffron is so reasonable due to its quality because there is no dealer and you buy first-hand saffron from the producer.

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There are lots of Iranian saffron wholesalers in Iran and other countries. Since they themselves are not saffron producers they have to buy their saffron from other producers or wholesalers. In this case, the quality and the price of saffron supplied by these wholesalers are different from buying saffron directly from the saffron producer.

You can contact us for the exact price.

Packing: Saffron is packed in different containers and in different sizes according to the customer’s order.

Saffron can be ordered both in wholesale boxes and in retail boxes.

Wholesale boxes include metal boxes and plastic bags. Wholesale metal boxes are as charming as retail boxes.

Retail (gift) boxes also have different types including metal boxes, glass jars, and rectangular glass boxes.

Saffron is supplied in retail boxes in 1 g, 3 g, and 5 g weight.

Different containers have different prices.

Different boxes have different prices and bulk saffron has a lower price because of packing cost.

 Wholesale saffron order is ready in 15-20 working days and for retail boxes, it takes 30_45 working days.

Shipping is with airplanes and by air-cargo. All affairs are carried out legally.

We try by all means to supply fresh saffron to the market.

Some saffron wholesalers , buy saffron and store it for a long time, which not only causes the farmer’s detriment but also causes the saffron to age, and the saffron they supply often belongs to the several months or years ago.

Saffron goes a long way in reaching from producer to consumer and goes hand in hand with many brokers. This process causes the saffron to become old and the saffron strands are broken, so the saffron loses its quality.

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