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In the classification of Saffron types after  Saffron Coupe (negin),Cut Saffron(Sargol) is the best type of Saffron which has the highest colouring power.

Saffron Sargol – Saffron Sargol – Saffron Sargol

Farmers gather the red and bulky stigmas separated from each other and the lowest parts of them not attached together and place them in a category which is called the Cut Saffron(sargol). Similar to Saffron Coupe(negin),Cut Saffron(sargol) has no yellow part or cream but the only difference between them relies on the size of the stigmas. Cut Saffron is about 3 to 4 millimetres shorter than Saffron Coupe. The colouring power of Cut Saffron is between 210 and 230. The Saffron experts divided the Cut Saffron in two classifications,super premium Cut Saffron and premium Cut Saffron based on the thickness,lengt,flaccidity and frangibility.

Saffron Sargol – Saffron Sargol – Saffron Sargol

sargol saffron

Saffron cut or Sargol normally makes from Negin, in saffron drying process when the Negin breaks in to the pieces cut saffron or Sargol creation happens the aroma and clearing with cut saffron or Sargol is faster than Negin because it has little piece and more venerable to solve, Sargol or cut saffron has the all property Negin has but in shape Negin is taller , some Arab countries prefer Sargol or cut saffron more than Negin or poushal because they know Sargol or cut saffron solves better and faster they usually use saffron to coloring the rice or other foods for aroma and also color , they also use Sargol or cut saffron in herbal tea which strengths the heart and total body function in long term, Sargol or cut saffron is all read and no yellow part is involved.

Saffron Sargol – Saffron Sargol – Saffron Sargol

Sargol (cut saffron) is not commodity, it means you cannot find Sargol or cut saffron every they and easy Sargol can be supply in the season of harvesting and processing of saffron, if any individual or business have intention to supply or consume Sargol (cut saffron) it should be bought for all 365 days in season of harvesting or maximum in 2 months later. The season of saffron harvesting and processing begins at end of September each year and end at end of November.
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Saffron Sargol – Saffron Sargol

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