Saffron Price

Saffron Price Plant is too important for some reasons:

Saffron Price or The price of saffron is directly related to its quality We offer the best quality at the best price

  1. The capability of preservation for 2 to 3 days and possibility of flowers carriage for manufacturing from an area to other place or other countries.
  2. The possibility of harvesting by hand and without requiring specific technology in third world countries which are lack of technology.
  3. Facility of harvesting by inexpensive labors, children, women, people with disabilities, and aged persons as well.
  4. No need of special skills and convenience of harvesting flowers with traditional methods and mostly by women.
  5. Flower delicacy and no dust in harvesting period.
  6. Pleasant smell of saffron in early morning harvesting, you cannot find any person that miss this experiencing in period of harvesting.
  7. Considering of saffron flower anatomy which is not have the thorns and being soft and tender makes the harvesting easy and safe for labors.
  8. Facility of participating in production of saffron for all type of people that dealing with saffron such as, city residences, Experts, University students.
  1. Having a psychological impact for those who participating in harvesting and producers of Saffron product.
  2. Considering saffron fragrance, we can find an extensive impact on surrounded farm area, especially deserts and Industrial areas.
  3. Saffronhas embellishing effects of rural areas and cities
  4. Saffronattracts beautiful birds to the farm which make an attractive view for the area.

Saffron PriceSaffron PriceSaffron PriceSaffron Price

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saffron thread-poushal

         The other type of Saffron is called Saffron Thread (poushal), in order to collect this type of Saffron, about 1 to 4 millimetres cream is remained at the lowest part of the Saffron threads which are connected together. The red, bulky stigmas and tall strands connected together with cream or yellow parts are considered as the characteristics of  Saffron Thread. It is the finest type of Saffron available in the market which has the remarkable colouring power that is about190 degrees. Due to completed part of Saffron strands in this type, the red stigma to yellow part, the authenticity and validity of it are confirmed and there is no fraud in it. This is the reason why people prefer to buy Saffron Thread(poushal).

Despite Iran’s part in the saffron production and export, it has no role in international trade and Spain is pioneer in this field. In recent years, this country has bought Iranian saffron at the lowest price and introduced it to worldly market by its packaging called Spanish saffron.
Therefore, adapting the quality and quantity of saffron product with ISO international standards of saffron export and export -quality control should be taken into consideration. In addition, improving the domestic and foreign marketing is a clear and predictable policy for Iranian saffron production. So, respectable farmers of center and south Khorasan, whose life is dependent on it will not lose their jobs and this valuable export product of the country can find its true and exclusive sovereignty in the world market among other non-oil products.

Properties and implication of Persian Saffron

1-chemical compound

Persian Saffron has color, taste and specific aroma, each ones feature belongs to specific category of chemical compound which been recognized recently, additionally Saffron has the amount of minerals water and vitamins that we have briefly mentioned to them.

1-1-Persian Saffron color

Many of carotenoid pigments like soluble in fat and water has been separated from Saffron.

1-2-Taste of Persian Saffron

Bitter taste of Saffron is related to colorless glycosidic known as picrocrosin with the melting point of 156  ° C .

1-3Aroma of the Persian Saffron

Aroma of Persian Saffron is related essential  which is develop by distillation of the oil with water, This liquid substance is colorless and the intense aroma of the saffron is related to this substance .extract essence absorb the oxygen simply and then finally turn to a brown liquid  called safranal (c10H140)

Oily essence  of Persian Saffron is extremely unstable and  it’s not marketable.


saffron thread (poushal)



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