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If you are going to buy saffron from an Iranian saffron company and you are hesitating or confused to buy from which saffron company to have high-quality saffron, join us to guide and mention you some tips to have an easy purchase. We introduce ourselves as a valid, have commitment to custody, honest and trustworthy Iranian saffron company to make it easier for you to buy saffron.

If you are looking for a first-hand company to deal with honesty and trust  having best quality saffron very pure natural  please send us to email to:

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Eyjan saffron company is an Iranian saffron company in which all processes of Iranian saffron production from planting to harvesting and drying, carried out by advanced machines under the supervision of trained experts.

We try that as an Iranian saffron company and saffron manufacturers produce classes of premium saffron that are available in high quantities and can be ordered in bulk and packaged.

Here there is some information that may help you to order your saffron easier:

The saffron is divided into 4categories which all these 4 types are produced in the Eyjan Iranian saffron company.

1_Negin saffron which includes: Super Negin, Exported Negin, Normal Negin.

All Negin saffron is supplied with a minimum fracture rate.

2_Sargol saffron

3_Pushal saffron

4_Dasteh saffron

Different kinds of saffron have different prices. We want to everybody use this precious spice. It should be noted that all kinds of Iranian saffron have the same properties. They are different in the power of coloring which is reduced in order from Super Negin saffron to Dasteh saffron.

-All types of saffron are produced in a natural way by Eyjan saffron as an Iranian saffron company. We assure you that no pesticide is added to our farmland.

What is natural farming?

Natural farming is a form of agriculture that does not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and alterations, and genetic manipulation in the production and processing of its products, and all processes of soil enhancement, planting and harvesting using natural inputs such as biofertilizer,  Composts, beneficial insects, efficient microorganisms (EM)

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There are few saffron producers that produce natural saffron. Since the higher profit of cultivating conventional saffron, most of the saffron producers prefer to cultivate conventional saffron. Also due to the great demand of saffron all over the world and the lower production of this crop most of the saffron manufacturer cultivate conventional saffron which has more return but we against most of the saffron producer, cultivate natural saffron because we are not just salesman .we love our business and mind customer satisfaction.

We mainly use non-chemical methods such as biological control, mechanical traps, choke and steam, flood irrigation to control pests, insidious animals and diseases.

Prices: The prices depend on the kind of saffron, the quality of saffron, packing and whether you buy saffron from the producer or a broker.

the price of our saffron is so reasonable regarding its quality because there is no dealer and you buy saffron from the saffron producer. There are lots of Iranian saffron wholesalers that since they themselves are not saffron producers they have to buy their saffron from other Iranian saffron suppliers .in In this case the quality and the price of saffron supplied by these saffron suppliers are different from buying saffron from the saffron producer.

You can contact us for exact prices.

-All the hygiene tips and standards are compiled in our company and we have multiple ISO’s like an Iranian saffron producer.

Producing saffron in most cases is non-standard and is done without observing the health principles.

As you know a product goes a long way to reach the consumer from the manufacturer and goes through many middlemen. In this process the saffron may lose its quality, saffron strands may break. Also, it’s not clear how long the dealer holds the saffron supplied by these dealers is not clear belongs to several months or years ago and it becomes old and expires And of course the price of saffron will be different from its first price.


-We don’t store saffron in our company for more than 1 year. After selling our own saffron we buy saffron as needed from farmers on whose farmlands we monitor. Consequently, we supply fresh saffron and also support the farmers.

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There are saffron wholesalers and dealers who buy saffron in certain times of the year and store the saffron, in addition to harming to farmers, it also makes the saffron more expensive on the other hand it’s not clear how long they hold the saffron and the saffron they supply belongs to several months and years ago. In this case the saffron ages and becomes old. Furthermore, the saffron while passing from these processes and several dealers’ hands may be broken.

When you buy saffron from an Iranian saffron company which is also saffron producer like Eyjan saffron company  you won’t have such problems.

– one of the benefits of buying saffron from a saffron Iranian saffron company which manufacture saffron itself is removing brokers and middlemen. So you can buy saffron at a lower price than buying the same quality saffron from other saffron companies which just do wholesale saffron.

You may deal with saffron wholesalers which although they are not the saffron producers and buy saffron from other saffron companies, have the same price or even lower price than a saffron producer. There can be no reason other than that they mix impurities with their saffron.

Unfortunately, most of the saffron supplied in the market are fake and low-quality saffron. Due to the saffron statistics, the fake saffron owns 80 percent of the saffron.

Some fraudsters buy saffron roots or corn stigmas, color them and sell it as high-quality saffron. Their other trick is that they impregnate the saffron with sugar, salt, water, honey or a kind of fat to increase the weight of saffron.

This is recognizable in the laboratory but the problem is that people don’t carry lab equipment while buying saffron.

But there are some methods to distinguish high-quality saffron from the fake one. We will mention them at the End of the essay.

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-Buying saffron from our company is possible both in bulk and retail. All types of packing are available in different sizes and models suitable for any needs.

Bulk saffron from Iran is packed in bulk saffron containers which include metal boxes and plastic bags. Bulk saffron containers are available in different sizes.

Retail boxes include metal boxes, glass jars, and rectangular glass boxes. They are also available in different sizes which include 1 gram, 3 grams, and 5 grams weight. These retail boxes can be used as gifts.

Your order also is accepted in your desired weight boxes and even with your own brad if it is over 1000 boxes order.

Bulk saffron and retail saffron have different prices; bulk saffron has lower prices compared with retail packing because of packing costs.

Bulk saffron orders are delivered in 15-20 working days and it takes 30-45 working days to have your packed saffron.

To experience our saffron quality and build trust you can start purchasing from our minimum order quantity. Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 1 kilogram.

Orders are shipped with airplanes and by air-cargo from Tehran international airport.

To give you an idea about the costs please mention it that there are fix prices for 200grams to 10-kilo bulk Iran’s customs fatalities like 200 to 250 Canadian dollars and depend on the destination and how far is it the carriage varies and should be asked from the cargo airliners.

Why the Eyjan saffron company?

– we ourselves are saffron producer and buying saffron from us is like buying firs-hand saffron from farmer. Consequently, you can have higher quality saffron in lower price since we have removed brokers.

_we are one of few saffron producers that produce natural saffron. We add no pesticides or fertilizer to our farmlands.

_We supply fresh saffron. We don’t store saffron in our company. After selling our product we buy saffron as needed from the farmers who are under our observations.

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